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Public Works Department, Government of Goa Public Works Department, Government of Goa Public Works Department, Government of Goa Public Works Department, Government of Goa
Public Works Department, Government of Goa Public Works Department, Government of Goa Public Works Department, Government of Goa Public Works Department, Government of Goa
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Rules of Enlistment

Rules of Enlistment of Contractors in Public Works Department (PWD)/ Water Resources Department (WRD), Goa

4.0 Applicability – Any Indian Individual, Sole Proprietorship Firm, Partnership Firm, Public Limited Company or a Private Limited Company is entitled to get enlistment as a contractor in PWD/WRD, Goa under these rules, provided the eligibility criteria and other conditions are satisfied. The enlisted contractors have to abide by all the rules made herein and as amended from time to time during the currency of their enlistment.

4.1 No individual or a firm having such individual as one of the partners, who is a dismissed Government Servant; or removed from the approved list of contractors; or having business banned / suspended by any Government department in the past; or convicted by a court of Law shall be entitled for enlistment.

4.2 No Engineer of Gazetted rank or other Gazetted Officer employed in Engineering or administrative duties in the Engineering Department of the Government of Goa shall be allowed to work in the PWD/WRD, Goa either as contractor or as an employee of a contractor for a period of two years from the date of his retirement from Government service, without the prior permission of the Government. If subsequently, either the contractor or any of his employees is found any time to be such a person who had not obtained the permission of the Government as aforesaid, his name is liable to be removed from the list of approved contractors.

4.3 A contractor is permitted to have enlistment in more than one category and under more than one enlistment authority but not in more than one class of the same category in PWD / WRD, Goa.

4.4 A contractor is not permitted to have enlistment in more than one name.

4.5 A partner of a firm or a Director of a company enlisted as a Contractor, cannot be a Partner/Director in any other enlisted firm/company.

5.0 Scope-- 5.1 The enlistment of a contractor in PWD/WRD, Goa shall only entitle him to be considered for issue of tender papers subject to the conditions laid down in individual Notice Inviting Tenders. It shall not confer any right on him either to be necessarily issued the tender paper for award of work.

5.2 No tender form shall be issued to a contractor firm unless it is registered in PWD/WRD, Goa in appropriate class and category except for specialized jobs, for which pre-qualifications and pre conditions are required to be decided by the Head of the Department of PWD/WRD, Goa.

5.3 The registered Contractor in PWD/WRD either individual, partnership firm or company who have four or more works in hand in their names in each category viz.(i)Buildings(BLDGS), (ii) Roads, Bridges & Land Development (RBLD), (iii) Water Supply & Water Waste Disposal (WS & WWD), (iv) Water Resources Works including Hydraulics & Marine Works (WR) (v) Electrical, (ELECT) and (vi) Furniture (FUR), obtained from PWD/WRD, Goa shall not be entitled to have any fresh tender forms for further works in the same category unless they physically complete at least one work out of four in hand.




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