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 1) Construction road bridge between Guleli-Padeli in V. P. Bharonda in Valpai constituency.

Cost :  Rs. 257.37 Lakhs
Location :  Bicholim
Length of bridge:  96m - 3 spans of 32 m each.
Foundation :  Pile Foundation.
Sub structure :  RCC.
Super Structure :  Steel Superstructure


2) Construction of Arabo Bridge between Tuem and Arabo Village.

Year on construction : 58.80 mts.
Length of Bridge :  Bicholim
Span :  One
River : Chapora
No. of Piers : 2 piers
Road carriage way 4.50 mts.


3) Construction of Bailpar Bridge between Bailpar and Kutwal Halarna Talarna Village.

Year on construction : 1993
Length of Bridge : 48.00 mts
Span : 3 nos.
River : Chapora
No. of Piers :  2 piers
Bridge width including footpath/kerb  5.50 mts.
No. of abutement: 2 abutement
Road carriage way 7.50 mts.


4) Construction of Siolim Chopdem Bridge which connects Siolim & Chopdem Village

Year on construction : 2002
Length of Bridge : 499.00 mts
Span : 3 spans of 33 mts. and 8 spans of 40 mts.
River : Chapora
No. of Piers : 10 nos.
No. of abutement: 2 abutement
Road carriage way

 7.50 mts with footpath of 1.5 mts. on either side.

Revised estimate of work  21.75 crores


5) Construction of Nerul Bridge which connects Nerul & Candolim Village.

Year on construction 1992
Length of Bridge 180.00 mts
Span 5 spans & 2 nos. of span as approach slab
River Mandovi River
No. of piers  6 nos.
No. of abutement 2
abutements on well foundation.

Revised estimate cost of work 155.36 lakhs.
Name of Agency M/s Ecaps Engineering works, Hyderabad.
Road carriage way  7.50 mts.


6) New Borim Bridge Across River ZUARI on NH-17B in GOA

Span Arrangement Main span: 122 mts, 2 spans: 75mts. viaduct:150 mts (Total Length = 431 mts)
Type of Bridge :  High level bridge
Type of Structures :


 Prestressed balanced cantilever box-girder for main spans. Prestressed box-girders simply supported for viaduct spans.

Foundation Details :  Well Foundations
Navigable Details : 122 m. clear
Cost of Construction :  303 Lakhs
The high level bridge across river Zuari at Borim was constructed during the period from 1977 to 1986 and was commissioned in 1986. The bridge was constructed by Gammon India Ltd. Mumbai.


7) Khandepar Bridge on NH- 4A in Goa


Span Arrangement :

9 spans of 12 mts. each (Total length = 108 mts.)

Type of Bridge :  R.C.C. Bridge
Type of Structures :  R.C.C. T-beams & slabs.
Foundation Details : Open foundation

The bridge was constructed prior to liberation by Erstwhile Portuguese regime and the superstructure was damaged by Portuguse while retreating. The new superstructure was constructed by Gammon India Ltd., Mumbai.

8) Banastarim Bridge Across Cumbarjua Canal on NH 4A in Goa


Span Arrangement : 6 Spans of 52 mts. each(Total length = 312 mts.)
Type of Bridge :  PSC high level bridge
Type of Structures :  Prestressed concrete- box girder simply supported.
Foundation Details :  Well Foundations
Navigable Details :  52 mts.clear
Cost of Construction : 11. 70 Crores
The Bridge was constructed across Cumbarjua canal during the period from 1990 to 1997 and was commissioned in 1997. The bridge was constructed by M/s. UPSBC Ltd. Uttar Pradesh.


9) Mangeshi & Veling junctions on mardol Bypass on NH- 4A in Goa.


The national highway bypass to Mardol town has been constructed as Mardol bypass during 2000-2004. At the two ends, for traffic regulations and smooth joining junctions has been constructed as per IRC standards.


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